Guess who finally has Internet!

Well, a month after moving into my new flat and I finally have Internet! Just in time too as I was running out of DVD’s to watch. It’s so nice to be plugged in and connected again, meaning that I can now, finally get back into blogging after this month-long break!

I’m not going to babble on too much in this post however, this is just a quick one to fill you guys all in briefly on whats been happening at my end along with what to expect from my blog for the next couple of months.  Continue reading



I just thought I’d take a little step back and share with all of you what keeps me going, what I’m grateful for in life. I hope you enjoy the post and maybe take a little time to think about all the things that you’re grateful for, no matter now small.

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An Ode To Depression

Always enjoy readying Mac from Southern by Design’s poetry. It’s always so beautiful, even when describing such an awful subject area. This poem is definitely something I can relate to and feel like Mac, you describe it perfectly!


Southern By Design

young-girl-on-a-walk-near-the-shore-at-sunset-2-picjumbo-comI let you in, under my skin

Keeping you all for all time, but became a mime

Inviting you to go, you said no

Then want you to stay, hope I can live this way

A bird in a cage, filled with rage

Damn depression you suck, with you I’m stuck

Confusing my reality, set me free

The cycle is just insane, but yet you’re my bane

I push you away, beg you to stay

I must except this reality, you’ll never let me be

Afraid what I’ll find, in my mind

The fog keeps me in denial, it makes me so vile

Continuing I cope, filled with hope

That one day I’ll be free, no longer a you and me©

by Mac

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RE-BLOG: If you don’t like snow, you might be an alien

I love this blogger’s photography style & most importantly the amazing pictures taken! My personal favorites at the moment are these winter wonderland photo’s below. Awfully jealous!


All Things Chronic

Did you know that most aliens don’t like the snow? So, if you don’t like snow, you might be an alien. But there’s another way you can check to see if you’re really an alien…


Meet one of my alien friends (who doesn’t like the snow):


My friend tells me that aliens have two belly buttons: one on the stomach and one on the ass.


Looks like I might be an alien. 🙂

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Let’s be honest..

Okay so my ‘blogging everyday hasn’t been going well at all. I thought that I would have enough time each day to write a post but I just don’t, which is a shame. On a good week I find that I will sit down on a Tuesday after work and just write them all for the week, which is great.. but then the next week comes around and I am not prepared or something comes up and sets me back. I love the idea of posting daily but I’m currently finding it more of a chore than anything else which is something I greatly want to avoid as I love my blog/blogging so much. 

So here is what I am going to do, my scheduled days are going to stay the same with regards to what I write on which day, however I am not going to pressure myself into writing everyday but rather when it fits in. I don’t want to dull my love of blogging so I feel this is going to be the best scenario. This will go on until the January 2017 where by this time (hopefully) I will have everything sorted and can breathe a new lease of life into my blog!

Thank you for all your support and commitment to my blog during this blank period and I hope to be back at it properly as soon as possible. 


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