Snapshots 10/07 – 11/08

Well in the last 5 weeks I’ve not really gotten up to much per say, it has been a lot of work and organizing things that will be happening closer to the end of the month and beginning of September but I do have a small selection to share with you today. Continue reading


Snapshot Saturday – Super Late.

Apologies for this post being SUPER late. I’m playing catch up today so keep your eyes peeled for all of the posts I’ve missed over the last week or so from my Schedule!

So as I’ve already mentioned, my diet is not going all to well. I’ve been ill with a cold & throat infection which has completely destroyed all of my motivation to be healthy. I’ve been eating rubbish, had a few drinks here and there when attempting to be social (which definitely was not one of my better ideas) and my gym life has been non-existent. All of which make me feel lethargic, bloated and tired which in turn adds to the cycle. Great.. NOT! So here are some photos of what’s been going on but unfortunately.. there are not a lot.

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12/11 – Snapshots

Sorry for no picture last weekend, in all honestly, apart from work I’ve not really done a lot –  hence why there is not a lot this week either. We had a small Halloween celebration, I watched a small firework display on bonfire weekend and the rest of the time, if I’ve not been at work I’ve been snuggled up in bed with a hot water bottle and a nice hot drink. 

Living the life aha. Hopefully things will pick up next week

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CATCH UP! 22/10 – Snapshots

Since I didn’t post at all last week I am going to be writing two post a day this week to cover everything I had planned on writing for last week. You’ll see the posts that were meant for last week have CATCH UP! at the beginning of them. 

Although this week was fairly average, I had the best weekend catching up with friends and going out, by far the best time I’ve had in a long time. Come take a look!

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15/10 – Snapshots

Another week of having a cold but I actually got out and about this week which was nice. Caught up with my friends, seen my friends new bar/restaurant, got to spend time with family I rarely get to see, drank a lot of tea, done some blogging and finally, plenty of snuggling up on our new sofa in front of the TV. What have you been up to this week Continue reading