“Dude, you know I’m straight, right?”

Hello readers!

Someone once came to me with a problem which really struck an accord with me about a subject which I assume to be really common in the LGBT+ community… falling for straights. Luckily I had the time on my hands to properly think about this problem and because of the context of this individual’s problem I was able to give the advice which I thought they would benefit from, so as I’ve been thinking I decided to bring the topic to you guys!

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It’s the Final Countdown!

Hello readers!

This is it! It’s my final week living in France as a university student.. where have the past nine months gone?!?!

An exact week from now I’ll have landed back in Blighty to resume life as a final year student to complete my degree and between you and me, I’m a little apprehensive about it. This post will just be a means for me to vent all my feelings and hopefully provide a little clarity upon reflection of the past academic year’s events.

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Being LGBT+ Abroad

Hello internet!


It’s been a while since my last post but recently there’s been a topic of conversation which has proven to be a popular point of discussion among my new found friends abroad… my sexuality.

I’ve never officially “come out” to my friends or family, although since starting uni three years ago I haven’t avoided answering questions that people have put to me. I don’t mind being asked questions such as, “are you gay/straight?” so long as people ask politely, and in the current moment of my life, these questions are often asked as I’m always meeting new people. The reason I decided to write about this was because I had been asked by a couple of people what the reactions and attitudes  of strangers have been like since coming to France, and if these reactions differ from any that I have experienced back in the UK. Continue reading

A Student’s Life Abroad.

By Linus Rushworth.

Bonjour! My name is Linus and I have been invited by the wonderful creator of this blog to provide a first-hand account of what it means to study abroad whilst at university. Some of you may already know (from passing mention in other posts) that I currently reside in the French city of Caen, after having left the University of Sunderland for a year to study12966672_1088176074556916_743260191_n the French language and culture.

Studying abroad is a conversation starter. You’ll likely find that many people will take an avid interest in your experiences because many people don’t always have the opportunity to explore the world at such a young age. As this is my first blog post I’m just gonna answer questions which I’m regularly asked both at home in the UK and also abroad by other students as well as the charming locals of Caen.

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