The Five Year Plan.

A common question we get asked while in School, College, University or just in our lives generally is “What’s your 5 year plan?”. It’s always a hard question to answer and you find that many people either don’t really know but they’ll put down some obvious answers, or others who know exactly where they want to be in 5 years time as well as each step they need to take in order to get there.  So after thinking about this for a good while now, I thought I would try to answer the questions.

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CATCH UP! Getting organised for my Masters degree.

Since I didn’t post at all last week I am going to be writing two post a day this week to cover everything I had planned on writing for last week. You’ll see the posts that were meant for last week have CATCH UP! at the beginning of them. 

After doing my undergraduate degree and not being as organised as I should have been, I’m ready and raring to go for my Master’s degree next September. But I want this time around to be perfect, therefore I am getting on top of everything I can now in order to make the year go as smoothly as possible.

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My TV Binge List for when I really should be Working.

It’s a weekend, thank god! You’ve finally finished work or College/University and you have some time to just chill out. Ahh but you know, you should really get on top of your work load so that you can be all prepared for Monday! You ready? Good, here is what you need to do: 

Step one –  Make a detailed plan/timetable of how you are going to fit it all in over the weekend.

Step two – Once completing your masterpiece put it to one side, pick up your laptop and binge watch TV all weekend.

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Back to school, college, university..

Thar’s it, the Summer Holiday is over and its back into the Academic world again for the majority of people, whether it is lower school, college or University. Many are excited to go back and be in a higher year, others are stressing out due to results or upcoming tests! It’s a weird feeling sitting here knowing that I am not one of those people, for the first time in like 17 yearsContinue reading