“Dude, you know I’m straight, right?”

Hello readers!

Someone once came to me with a problem which really struck an accord with me about a subject which I assume to be really common in the LGBT+ community… falling for straights. Luckily I had the time on my hands to properly think about this problem and because of the context of this individual’s problem I was able to give the advice which I thought they would benefit from, so as I’ve been thinking I decided to bring the topic to you guys!

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There and back again.

Hello readers!

It’s been over a week since my study abroad period came to an end so I thought I’d reflect upon something which I (and a number of study abroad friends) have experienced since leaving the mainland… adjusting and transitioning back to life at home.


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It’s the Final Countdown!

Hello readers!

This is it! It’s my final week living in France as a university student.. where have the past nine months gone?!?!

An exact week from now I’ll have landed back in Blighty to resume life as a final year student to complete my degree and between you and me, I’m a little apprehensive about it. This post will just be a means for me to vent all my feelings and hopefully provide a little clarity upon reflection of the past academic year’s events.

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Being LGBT+ Abroad

Hello internet!


It’s been a while since my last post but recently there’s been a topic of conversation which has proven to be a popular point of discussion among my new found friends abroad… my sexuality.

I’ve never officially “come out” to my friends or family, although since starting uni three years ago I haven’t avoided answering questions that people have put to me. I don’t mind being asked questions such as, “are you gay/straight?” so long as people ask politely, and in the current moment of my life, these questions are often asked as I’m always meeting new people. The reason I decided to write about this was because I had been asked by a couple of people what the reactions and attitudes  of strangers have been like since coming to France, and if these reactions differ from any that I have experienced back in the UK. Continue reading