Snapshots 10/07 – 11/08

Well in the last 5 weeks I’ve not really gotten up to much per say, it has been a lot of work and organizing things that will be happening closer to the end of the month and beginning of September but I do have a small selection to share with you today.

To start with, it has to be the newest addition to the Barber Clan, everyone, meet Oreo! Out of all of the pets we have, he is the most needy… but it’s kind of cute.



Moving on slightly, my younger sister graduated University which called for a family meal & celebration! She even convinced me to go on a night out with her, which I was most definitely regretting the following day!



I haven’t actually been doing that much cooking and my diet has gotten a bit lazy, I’ve just been eating pasta or frozen vegan food products. However, I did bake for the first time in my life and made Gluten free, Vegan, Beetroot fudge-style brownies and they were to die for! 

Proud big sister moment. A totally normal weekend, just my mom and youngest sister in the house when my mom unfortunately had an epileptic seizure. My youngest sister of 10 years old had to deal with it all on her own, this was the letter from the paramedics on her behavior. 


On top of going out with my sister I’ve had a further two social events. One to say goodbye to all my friends who have just graduated, the other was a reward after moving my friend from one house to another.

And to top it all off, as I mentioned in a previous post – I’m able to give blood again WOOW!



Thanks for reading, or in this case looking at my blog post! Next time this comes around I’ll 100% have some more exciting photos to share with you as there is a lot happening between 12th August – 15th September! 



Blog you later »



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