A look into a typical sick day for me.

Apologies, this post was meant to have went up last Wednesday but work has been so busy I never got time to write it and schedule. So thought I would post it this week along with todays scheduled post! 

We all get sick and typically,  you’ll spend the day curled up in bed or on the sofa with a duvet, in your PJ’s and do a combination of just sleeping, watching TV, taking as much medication as possible and all the fluids you can physically handle. Or something to that effect

Now I’m not speaking on behalf of all Chronic Illnesses here, I’m just going to walk you through what my typical sick day looks like with a chronic illness, which again will vary from person to person and condition to condition. 

My Typical Sick Day.

Okay, so it normally starts one of two ways. I either:

  1.  Wake up feeling completely fine in myself (aka no cold-like symptoms/headaches etc.) and I’m mentally okay. However I am unable to move my body, usually anywhere from the hips down. Again, it can either be a swollen – stiff kind of pain (a bit like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz who hasn’t been oiled) or it will be a lot of nerve – shooting pains throughout. 
  2. I’ll have the same symptoms mentioned above from the hips down HOWEVER I will also have cold-like symptoms going on. So that’s anything from a headache, migraine, blocked nose to swollen glands, a cough or loss of my voice. 

So depending on which of these two I get kind of depends on how my day goes – either way I am unable to make it to work or out the house. First thing is first, no matter which it is, I take the full amount of my morning medication, drink 1/2l of water and have something to eat, so at least that is all out of the way. 

Basing my sick-day of number 1, it usually goes something a little like:

  • I’ll either stay in bed or get taken through to the living room and try to work from home. 
  • I comfort my legs with pillow under my knees and around my lower back to keep me up straight. Whether its nerve pain or stiffness, I’ll try to re-position myself every now and again to keep circulation going and to try increase my mobility. 
  • I keep fluids, heat or ice packs close by (depending on how my legs are) to help out with my fluid intake and swelling or tenderness in my legs/hips.
  • Come the afternoon, I take the maximum amount of my lunch time medication, followed by another meal and 1/2l of water.
  • Following on from lunch, I take a nice hot bath, again to try to soothe my legs/hips which does help with them being weightless. I tend to massage them during this time too.
  • Once out of the bath, I typically go back to bed and lie down – maybe take a nap for an hour. I find that going from sitting upright, to being relaxed in the bath, lying back down flat is the most comfortable position I can find. 
  • After my nap, it’s usually close to tea time, so again – medication, meal and 1/2l of water. From now until going to sleep in the evening, I again sit upright with pillows to support and aid in comfort, regularly changing position and maybe doing small physio exercises to aid in mobility. 
  • Finally, before I get back into bed for the night, I’ll sit on the edge of my bed and attempt further physio exercises, or just straightening and bending my legs a couple of times. Then its my night-time medication and my final 1/2l of water. 

I try to keep myself busy during this time, like working, writing or anything really. With the rest of me being okay I try not to waste the day hold up in bed. That being said, I do try to take as many steps as I can in increasing my mobility and reducing any inflammation or pain I have. Sometimes it works quite quickly, other times I can be like this for several days. But in short, that is what one of my typical sick days looks like when I am more able

Untitled design

This next one however, not so much. Basing this of number 2 mentioned above, this day turns out pretty different to the example given above:

  • I 10000% am not even going to attempt moving from my bed on these days. The cold-like symptoms tend to make me feel x 10 worse that what I actually am and it’s my whole body feeling heavy, drained and weak at this point. 
  • I keep fluids, tissues, medications, heat or ice packs close by (depending) to help out with my fluid intake and swelling/tenderness/hot or cold flushes etc.
  • I’m normally to drained or weak to keep on top of my fluid intake at this point however as I am drifting in and out of restless sleep. 
  • Again, come the afternoon, I take the maximum amount of my lunch time medication, followed by another meal and 1/2l of water. It’s a 50/50 chance here on whether I can keep them down or even manage to drink/eat the full amount of food and drinks provided. 
  • Following on from this I either end up passing straight out again into a more ‘restful sleep’ or, like on the other day I take a nice hot bath, again to try to soothe my body and steam out my cold. I have to be careful here though as I find sometimes the heat makes me feel as though I’m going to pas out/makes me light-headed. 
  • Once out of the bath, I try to go into the living room with my duvet and stay there for the remainder of the day, trying my best to stay awake.  
  • Again, come tea time its medication meal and 1/2l of water with the same 50/50 change of keeping it down. 
  • From having tea to going to bed for the night, I usually make my way back upstairs and try to flush as much of these cold-like symptoms out of my as possible, this usually leaves me feeling extremely weak and drained.
  • Finally, before I get back into bed for the night, I’ll sit on the edge of my bed and attempt further physio exercises, or just straightening and bending my legs a couple of times. This usually doesn’t go too well though as I get light-headed, dizzy or I’m to weak to even attempt them. Then its my night-time medication, tying to get as much of this cold out of me before sleeping  as possible and my final 1/2l of water.

Yea on days like these I spend a good 70% of it in and out of sleep, the other 30% is a combination of trying to eat, take fluid and my medication, along with trying to keep them all down and finally trying to flush as much of the cold out of me as possible (i.e. coughing, blowing my nose etc). I’m usually like this for a couple of days, before them having a couple of days where I’m feeling totally find but my legs don’t work. So yea, this one tends to last a lot longer that my other usual sick day

There you go, my two typical kinds of sick days, of course there are a lot of fluctuation and changes to these but they are probably the best ways I can sum up what I do and how I handle them. If you feel like your sick days have similar aspects or you’d like to share what a sick day for you looks like, don’t be afraid to drop a comment below! I’d love to hear what you guys have to say.



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6 thoughts on “A look into a typical sick day for me.

  1. Number 1 sounds way better than Number 2 – though I really hope you don’t have too many of either. I like that you keep up on your fluids and exercises. I have a hard time with the latter especially when I am in a flare.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, you too I hope your flare ups don’t happen too often. Yea, I make sure I try to stay hydrated otherwise taking my meds makes me quite ill. As for exercises, again I’ll try keep on top of them but each time it varies and some days it’s literally impossible.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, my medicines make my mouth very dry too, especially tramadol, though I usually don’t get physically ill because of dehydration. I have a feeling I should probably drink more water than I do however, and your post was a good reminder! Thank you for that. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yea I get very dry mouth, its not the dehydration per say, more just the feeling sick with nothing on my stomach so I try to keep my fluids up at least. Aha, well I’m glad I help remind you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow – I am 76 soon to be 77 years old and while I have had a few sick days in my life, cannot remember any sick day that went like either of your choices # 1 or #2.
    Kudos to you for managing the way you do. Hopefully you have fewer and fewer as time goes on.

    Liked by 1 person

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