Blogger Recognition Award x 2!

Guess who has gotten nominated for the Blogger Recognition award again, I cannot believe it! Thank you so much Katie, truly grateful. 

A huge thank you to Katie for the nomination and apologies for taking so long to actually post it! Also, a huge congrats to Katie on recently getting married, so happy for you both, you looked amazing!

So a brief story on how my blog started.

It was something I had always wanted to do but never quite knew how to start it and was also worried that I would run out of things to say quite quickly and it would fizzle out. But there was only one way to find out so I gave it ago. The thing that gave me the final push to start was when my partner and I decided to have our heads shaved for Macmillan Cancer Research due to several family members recently being diagnosed or passing away. It was a great starting point and gave me the time to further decided what exactly I wanted to achieve with my blog, which I’m probably still figuring out as it is a jumble between chronic illness awareness, personal development, pictures, Uni/work aha!

My two pieces of advise for new bloggers would be:

  1. Just go for it! Don’t worry about how little or often you blog or what about, if you want to say something, go for it! You don’t have to start with the perfect blog, just jump in, find your style and develop along the way. I’m still doing that now and I’m two years in!
  2. Follow a range of different bloggers who all talk about different things. Don’t stick to one community when there are thousands out there for you to connect with, learn from and potentially join! Branch out.

And my 15 nominees are:

Please take a look at these wonderful blogs guys!    



Blog you later »


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