July: End of Month Review.

With August just around the corner, I thought I’d look back on everything that’s happened this month and give a quick summary for you guys as well as seeing if I achieved the goals I set for myself in my Scheduling post. Hopefully I’ll continue to do this as a kind of Monthly round off to see just how much I did get up to or achieve. 

But saying all of that, now that I’m ready to start my first Monthly Review I’ve fallen a little short. I mean, did anyone else think that July just came and gone in the blink of an I? I know I did! It just flew by and trying to look back on what I have done over this month all that jumps to mind is work! However, after a quick flick back through my diary and social media I can see that somehow, in this work filled, super quick month I actually got up to a fair amount:


  • I went for my regular 3 monthly blood review to find that my new diet has drastically improved on my blood disorders & anemia meaning I am now able to donate blood again. Plus, I know only need annual blod reviews. 
  • Following on from that, I gave blood for the 10th time the other day! Been upset because it was meant to be number 17 but hey-ho! Also was informed that there is a specific antibody in my blood which is best suited to newborn, infants & young children, so knowing where most of my blood goes  is such a powerful feeling!20597688_817425418438518_1393478107_o
  • I went to a Blink 182 concert with my better half and it was just WOW! Plus the two support bands were epic.
  • I said goodbye to basically all of my friends as they graduated this month and evidently, all moved back home or away to start the rest of their lives. It was sad but I’m looking forward to our next reunion.
  • After house/flat hunting for what feels like forever and having no such luck or being to slow to put in an offer, I think (fingers crossed) I’ve gotten myself a flat sorted. But I’ll no jinx it too much and let you all know in next months review.
  • I finally got around to trying some new Vegan recipes and tested them out on my family & co-workers. Fair to say they went down well and afterwards, once I told them they were Vegan, well they were all quite impressed. Though, I do need to work on my food presentation skills haha. 


  • And, to top it all off I’m on I’m going into month 3 of maintaining my weight which is like a huge deal for me! 

Untitled design

So to sum up, my goals for July & August are:

✔  Give blood again – I cannot express how happy I am about this!
  Maintain or gain weight – again this is a huge win for me!
  Keep it up with the Vegan & Gluten free diet – surprisingly, not finding it too much of a challenge… yet. 

  • See friends & family more
  •  Sign contract for new flat/house (but hopefully I will be soon)
  • Be more charitable

3/6 goals completed in July, lets hope I can achieve the rest by the end of August!

There you have it, a few things have happened in my work-filled July but somehow I managed to make room for all of the above. I wonder what I’ll get up to in August? You’ll just have to come back and find out! 

Drop a comment below and let me know ow much you got up to this month, or if like me and you thought this month just flew by!



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