The Updated 5 Year Plan.

Back in March I wrote my first 5 Year Plan blog post that gave you my general plan over the time scale but also a yearly breakdown of goals to potentially achieve. I didn’t expect any of the things on my list to have been ticked off any time soon but they have, so now I’ve had to update it. 

Some goals have changed, new ones have come up and some have been achieved so much earlier than expected! So what I am going to do below is put my original 5 year plan  and amend it by crossing out what I’ve managed to achieve so far and putting in green the new goals, simple.

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Five year Goals Overview.

  • To be in a stable career that is understanding and accepting towards my illnesses.
  • To continue to prove wrong & push back my Doctors predictions for me being immobile (initially predicted to be wheel chair dependent by 18 years old)
  • Similar to above, I wish to have a good routine in both my fitness, well-being & diet to help with my illnesses. 
  • Get my iron levels back up so that I can start giving blood again.
  • Continue giving blood.
  • Tick the top wish off my bucket list and finally go to Canada for vacation.
  • Do at least 2 more charity fundraising events.
  • Become a dog and/or cat owner.
  • Travel More & Tick some places off my bucket list.

Yearly Goals.


  • Graduate with my MSc Global Human Resources Management.
  • Get on the HR career ladder.
  • Become comfortable within a progressive gym routine & constantly improving.
  • Continue in my Vegan & Gluten Free diet and progress further at the gym.
  • Start looking into learning a second language.
  • Start swimming & yoga alongside my gym routine to challenge myself.
  • Visit Poland with my Grandad & be touristy. 


  • Do a cruise around Eastern Europe and Scandinavia with my Grandad.
  • Definitely have started learning a second language.
  • Have my Iron levels stable again = reduce medication & donate blood again. 
  • Similarly to above, have my two blood disorders under control too meaning I don’t need my blood monitored every 3 months.
  • Continue giving blood.
  • Continue blogging – maybe I’ll look into blogging more as a profession too?
  • Become a a couple of dogs and/or cats! 
  • Look into buying a house Canada or UK?


  • Finally go back to Canada but just for a Vacation. 
  • To not have increased my medication / deteriorated in my conditions any further – to have maintained or even improved upon my current state. 
  • Tick more things off my bucket list and add more to it!


  • Do a more in-depth holiday around the areas I cruised in 2019.
  • Continue to participate in the sport activity I chose in 2018.
  • Progressed into a Managerial position at my employment. 
  • Look into setting up my own business?


  • Be at a fluent sort of level in a second language. 
  • Still  be able to give blood. 
  • Travel to another destination on my bucket list.
  • Buy my own house Canada or UK?


Thank you for taking the time to read my updated 5 Year Plan. I think I am going to refer back to this more often now and constantly update it by adding to it as well as hopefully ticking more things off. I realize that the first two-year plans are rather full compared to the next three but I hope to add to them when I get more of an idea on what I want out of life

Maybe at the end of each year I will compare the original 5 Year Plan post to the most updated and see just what I did achieve in a year? And, if I’m lucky enough to still be blogging when I turn 27 years old we can see just how much of my 5 year plan I have achieved.. but that’s a long way off yet!



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5 thoughts on “The Updated 5 Year Plan.

    • Thanks very much Abbie 🙂 You definitely should, it was very rewarding to see that I had ticked things off ahead of schedule and getting to add more on as I go! Thinking of doing a bucket list too, maybe. I look forward to reading your plan one day! 😀

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