July – August Schedule & Goals.

Here is what you can expect from me from now until the end of August. See my schedule & goals to achieve over the next two months.

Since we are already half way through July I thought I would just merge this months schedule with August as well as the goals I am hoping to achieve. With this being the first time I’m back blogging for two months and since I know I have a lot of change coming my way over the next few months I’ve tried to keep my goals ‘simple‘ and achievable.

My Goals

  •  Sign contract for new flat/house
  • Give blood again
  • Maintain or gain weight
  • Be more charitable
  • Keep it up with the Vegan & Gluten free diet
  • See friends & family more

The Schedule

(Apologies for the terrible photo quality)

So let me break this down for you a bit:

  • I plan on posting on Wednesday and alternating over the weeks on whether I talk about the Chronic Illness & related side of things or more general or University based side of things (highlighted below by the blue and green).
  • Also every 5 weeks I will be doing my Snapshot Saturday and uploading all of the picture I have taken in that period to give you a visual of just what I have been up to!
  • At the end of the month on a Sunday I will be doing a review of the month to see if I have achieved the goals I have set to just summarize how I found that month.
  • Following on from that Sunday, the Monday (apart from today of course) I will post the nest monthly schedule & goals for the new month.


So there you go, there is what you can expect over the next two months! Occasionally there may be the odd extra post if I find I have something else to say or want to share with your guys so keep your eyes peeled for that too. But other than that, I hope you guys enjoy what’s to come!



Blog you later »


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