Guess who’s back again.

I’m here! I may have been missing for the last 2 months but I’ve come to my senses and returned to the wonderful word of blogging, so what did I miss?

First off I want to apologies for literally disappearing for the past 2 months. In all honesty I’m not 100% sure why I just seemed to stop blogging or communicating on social media platforms all together, but I realized that the longer I went without doing it, the less motivated I was to pick it back up and get into it again.  

But I’m not going to sit here and have you read for the next 5 minutes reeling off reasons what could have caused me to stop blogging, because as I’ve said, I have no idea! But this week I’ve had a surge of motivation and although this most was meant to go up on Monday it’s here now!

Now that that’s out of the way I’m going to be writing two posts today; A catch up style post and a Schedule post for the remainder of July & August. Just encase you haven’t already guessed, this is the catch up post.

So what has been happening since I was last here? Quite a bit now that I come to think about it but I’ll keep it simple, lets see:

  • I turned 22 years old at the end of May
  • I’ve visited friends on several occasions now that they are all graduating and moving away
  • I had family over to visit which is always lovely
  • At the beginning of June I started my Vegan & Gluten free diet officially
  • My physiotherapy has been going well and I can feel the improvements
  • Began getting organised for my Master’s degree which starts in September
  • House/flat hunting, ready to move in at the end of August
  • Booked another small trip away with my Grandad to York before my Degree starts
  • Since changing my diet I’ve gained & maintained for over a month a weight of 55kg (8st 7lbs)
  • Along with that I also got results back from my bloods to say that my iron (and related blood disorders) are under control, meaning I can donate blood again!

I’m sure there are more things but I cannot think of them at the moment, but even so it’s been pretty busy, plus with work  too. 

Everything has been quite fast paced lately and I’m still getting over the fact that we are basically half way through July, I mean did June even happen? The last two months have blurred into one for me and have been full of busy with work and squeezing all of the above in there somewhere too. I am annoyed at myself though for being M.I.A for 2 months but with the hectic timetable I’ve had I honestly don’t know where I would have fit blogging in!

Anyway, in the aim of keeping this short – Yes I’ve achieved a lot these last two months, Yes I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get back to blogging regularly and Yes I’ve got lots to come so keep your eyes peeled!

One final thing before I end this blog, I just want to say thank you to everyone for staying committed to my bog even though I disappeared for the past 2 months, it truly means a lot to me and I promise I am going to try to stay more consistent. 


Blog you later »



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