April Schedule 2017

So this month I myself will not be posting all that much due to commitments at work but also because our wonderful two events will be officially kicking off this Tuesday and all the guest posts will be taking over both mine and Amy’s Living With ME blogs! So though you wont see much from me, my blog will be very active!

I still cannot believe we are 4 months into 2017! Like seriously the time is going by faster by the day! As you all know, this Month Amy from Living With ME and I have teamed up to create two awesome events for you guys to participate in and this month is when all of our guests posts go live. With the posts split between our two blogs however it does give me a bit of room to post a few things myself so I’ve put together a small schedule so you can see what days the events are being posted on my blog as well as when I am posting. 



Like I say its only small and with the all of the interest we are getting for these events they could also continue into May! Also with the event prep taking over the End of March I realize I completely abandoned by previous schedule but once the events are finished I will be trying to pick up where I left off and write the posts I had intended upon. 

So there you have it, my April Schedule – guest blogger take over which should be really interesting! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for all of the amazing event posts being published on both mine and Amy’s blogs, click here or click here to find out more.


Blog you later »


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