The Big Surprise!

So you’re probably wondering what this big surprise is and why I am so late (yet again) with this blog post, well all can now be revealed.

I had an idea for a Blog event, specifically targeted towards the Chronic Illness Community. A way for us all to share our views and experiences regarding our illness. A way to both educate and guide others who may be going through diagnosis or similar experiences.

In an attempt to start working on the foundations of this event I reached out to another Chronic Illness Blogger to see if she would like to get involved only to find out that she too was planning on starting up an event, again targeted towards the Chronic Illness Community. With this new discovery we have teamed up in order to build & perfect our two events through a combined effort and are finally ready now to reveal to you the finished products.

First of all, it would probably be a good idea for me to tell you who is my partner in all of this! I can happily announce that it is Amy from Living with ME. We have created two events which we will be running side by side: Outside Looking In and Confession of a Spoonie. I am going to be providing a description for the Confession of a Spoonie event right here on my blog and Amy is going to do the same but for the Outside Looking In event over on her blog. To find out about that event & how to get involved, please click here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 17.09.15.png

Confession of a Spoonie: Opinions and Guidance from the Chronically Ill

This event, like stated in its title is to help both educate people about a variety of different illnesses & how they can affect everyone differently as well as being a guide to those who have been newly diagnosed. The event itself needs volunteers to answer 15 questions. The questions are to identify your condition, personal battle with diagnosis and to give any tips & tricks you’ve picked up since being diagnosed. You can answer in as little or as much detail as you would like and also include a small Biography of yourself for readers to help get to know you. Of course if you are on any social media platforms or have your own blog account please include these in your bio so we can help share the love!

So shout out to anyone and everyone who suffers with a Chronic/invisible Illness! We need you to get involved and share your experience. All you need to do is email me at stating your interest or with any questions regarding the event. I will send you the 15 questions for you to answer and once you complete them, email them back to me (with your bio and social media links) and I will let you know what day to expect your post to be published!

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 17.38.17.png

Untitled design

So there you have it, now you know what this event entails & how to get involved. Don’t forget to go over to Living with ME to see what we have in store for you with our other event, please click here to view.

A final point just so you know what to expect when, below is a Schedule of what event is getting posted when and on whose page. Confused yet? Well hopefully this will make things a bit easier for you and if you’re still confused, worry not! Each time a post comes up there will be a link to the bottom to the previous post as well as a reminder to when the next post will be up, for which event and where to find it.


Please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Amy with regards to questions or getting involved. Either email, reach out on social media or leave a comment below! We hope that either way you enjoy yourselves, the event and find the information provided helpful!


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  1. […] I have teamed up with Jodie from ‘It’s Yet Another Blogger’ and we have created two events that will run together, on both of our blogs. The first is called Outside Looking In, which I am going to talk about in more detail in this post, and the other is Confessions of a Spoonie, which Jodie will be talking about over on her blog! You can find her post here. […]

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