Snapshot Saturday – Super Late.

Apologies for this post being SUPER late. I’m playing catch up today so keep your eyes peeled for all of the posts I’ve missed over the last week or so from my Schedule!

So as I’ve already mentioned, my diet is not going all to well. I’ve been ill with a cold & throat infection which has completely destroyed all of my motivation to be healthy. I’ve been eating rubbish, had a few drinks here and there when attempting to be social (which definitely was not one of my better ideas) and my gym life has been non-existent. All of which make me feel lethargic, bloated and tired which in turn adds to the cycle. Great.. NOT! So here are some photos of what’s been going on but unfortunately.. there are not a lot.


This was me attempting to start eating good again and snacking on pea pods.. that may or may not have been baked and coated in salt and fatty goodness!



We also had snow, even though it’s lasted all of 5 minutes! It was absolutely freezing and I lost circulation to my finger tip which may seem completely random but I have a scar across that section of my finger and due to my skin condition, well it makes that happen from time to time. 



But what cannot be fixed by animals? I mean, look at my little guys (and girl). Always make my day a lot better.


So yes, sorry for the late post and I hope to have more pictures for you next week (as well as hopefully posting on the right day). Stay tuned as I am playing catch-up with my blog posts and will be revealing next months Schedule Surprise



Blog you later »


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