Mid Month Diet Review – Fail.

So this dieting thing has went from being on hold due to sickness to literally being none existent. But the hardest part I’m finding is trying to get back on track after such a long time off. I cannot imagine this is going to be easy..

In January I jumped straight in with dieting and going to the gym 4 times a week and I was thrilled to see such drastic changes & improvements in myself in such a short period of time! I was not bloated anymore, due to eating properly (and way more than I usually do) I was energetic, hydrated and just feeling good. So what went wrong? Well I got ill.

I have a very poor/non-existent immune system so my whole body is knocked when I get ill. Of course this resulting on my diet & fitness sliding a bit and when I say a 

  • I did not have the strength to go to the gym so that got put on hold.
  • I was too tired to cook proper meals so I was cheating and just making something quick and easy that involved little effort.
  • Because of this, I was not making lunches for work so I’d either not eat or buy something out.

Basically everything just started to go down hill little by little and now, well now I am back to square one before I started trying to get fit again. The muscle I managed to put on is gone and I’ve returned to my weird skinny but flabby self just from where the muscle no longer exists. Again I’m bloated, constantly feeling sluggish, lethargic and just all around rubbish. This needs to change

With Summer approaching I want to get myself back on track and really push myself so that I can actually enjoy myself, make plans and get outdoors! So with that all said, its time to stop talking about it and actually go out and do it.
There is also a plus side diet wise, with Vegan being my goal for June my partner has decided to go Vegan for health reasons too and will start in June with me. This will be a huge help as it means that when it comes to making dinner together we can actually eat the same with rather than two separate meals, plus there will be no other temptations in the house since we will both be eating the same foods. 

So on Monday I’ll be going to the gym after work, straight to the supermarket to get my food in for the week and meal prep for the week, along with making a daily routine to stick by to give me the big kick in the right direction which I so desperately need.  Keep a look out for Next Saturdays photos as I hope for it to be lovely and colorful and full of healthy food! Wish me luck!


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