The Five Year Plan.

A common question we get asked while in School, College, University or just in our lives generally is “What’s your 5 year plan?”. It’s always a hard question to answer and you find that many people either don’t really know but they’ll put down some obvious answers, or others who know exactly where they want to be in 5 years time as well as each step they need to take in order to get there.  So after thinking about this for a good while now, I thought I would try to answer the questions.

 Well we all know nothing ever goes completely according to plan, one thing can change which can affect the whole course of your future,  a bit like a domino affect. Now that is something I can relate to. Back when I was 16 I had my whole life planned out around my love of Sports and I was taking each step in that direction in order for me to reach my goals of being a professional athlete. However, one thing changed which changed everything for me – my Arthritis (and other illnesses which came along with it). That one event changed everything for me, however it started a domino affect in another direction which has led me down the wonderful path I walk today, but could also be the same event that continues to change my path in the future. That, that is the point I want to make when talking about my 5 year plan. Not everything is set in stone for people in general, but for those who suffer with a long-term/invisible illness or care for those that do, well you become more susceptible to things changing completely

Anyway, in an attempt to answer the question, when I think of where I want to be in 5 years time I always get a bit freaked out because, well I mean I’ll be 27 years old. 27 years old! That’s just a crazy thought in general. But I suppose when I think of it like that it reminds me that I am an adult and getting to the stage in life were I need to claim my independence fully. So with that all said, I’m going to answer this question in two parts: firstly, with some general things I would like to have achieved within these 5 years and secondly, a year by year break down of other things I wish to have completed within that year. 

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Five year Goals.

  • To be in a stable career that is understanding and accepting towards my illnesses.
  • To continue to prove wrong & push back my Doctors predictions for me being immobile (initially predicted to be wheel chair dependant by 18 years old)
  • Similar to above, I wish to have a good routine in both my fitness, well-being & diet to help with my illnesses. 
  • Get my iron levels back up so that I can start giving blood again.
  • Tick the top wish off my bucket list and finally go to Canada  – either on vacation or permanently (most probably just vacation for now)
  • Do at least 2 more charity fundraising events.
  • Become a dog and/or cat owner.

Yearly Goals.


  • Graduate with my MSc Global Human Resources Management.
  • Get on the HR career ladder 
  • Become comfortable within a progressive gym routine & constantly improving.
  • Start learning a second language (or at least looking into it).
  • Start a new sport activity to challenge myself. 


  • Either do an Eastern Europe Tour OR a Scandinavian Tour.
  • Definitely have started learning a second language.
  • Have my Iron levels stable again = reduce medication & donate blood again. 
  • Similarly to above, have my two blood disorders under control too meaning I don’t need my blood monitored every 3 months.
  • Hopefully I’ll still be blogging – maybe I’ll look into blogging more as a profession too? 


  • Potentially looking into buying a house.
  • Maybe do the alternative Holiday Tour I mentioned above.
  • With diet, fitness & bloods hopefully under control at this point I hope to not have increased my medication / deteriorated in my conditions any further – I hope to have maintained or even improved upon my current state. 


  • Finally go back to Canada (probably just for a vacation).
  • Become a a couple of dogs and cats! Hopefully motivating to stay active and keep improving on my condition. 
  • Hopefully still be in a position where I am still participating in the sport activity I chose in 2018.
  • Progressed into a Managerial position at my employment. 


  • Be at a fluent sort of level in a second language.
  • Still be active enough to enjoy a regular walk, my gym routine and the potential sporting activity. 
  • Still  be able to give blood

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Okay that is all I can come up with at the moment and I realise everything I’ve said is more 5 year goals rather than a 5 year plan but it’s the same sort of thing in a way, right

A lot of these are subject to change or will be pushed back due to my conditions but I feel if I really try, I can make these things happen. But, if it does not go to plan I’m not going to get upset.. okay well I probably will at the time but it the long run I will not let this get me down because I’ve been there done that and as I have said many times before, if it wasn’t for my illnesses changing the direction of my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today, with the wonderful people in my life and opportunities I’ve had already. I wouldn’t be the person I am today. So yea, it’ll suck if another domino falls and changes my life around all over again, but hey, it could just be another blessing in disguise right?

I would love to hear your five-year plan or even your views on the concept of a five-year plan, if you’d like to get involved like many other bloggers already are please, leave a comment or click here to find out how else you can contact me.


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5 thoughts on “The Five Year Plan.

    • Thank you much. Yea I knew I wanted to write this post so I really wanted to think about what I wanted in a realistic sense rather than saying “I want to be a millionaire, with 12 kids, a mansion and my own personal chef” aha. I wanted to give myself targets for things I want to achieve but also made me push myself. But if they don’t happen they that’s okay, that’s just how it goes sometimes.

      Thanks so much for commenting 🙂


  1. This is such an encouraging post, I love how you’ve been able to think ahead and prioritise and plan achievable steps. For a long time I’ve not been able to look to the future, and still don’t think I could manage something like this. But I do like how it gives you a sense of direction and something to aim for, so perhaps I’ll give it a go. Sounds like you’ve got some busy years coming up!
    Caz x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comment. Yea for a short while I was very much just looking at the near future -the next week or month when I was going through my deterioration. I tried not too think to much past that but now that it has came back to a stand still I have decided to push myself to reach goals, rather than constantly putting my life on hold. I mean yea things will change and so will my goals & abilities but because I know that I don’t think I will be upset if I things do change. That is just the way life is in general, with or without my illnesses.

      Definitely give it a go and you can break it down to as small an achievement as you want. I found it very helpful, rewarding and give me a nice boost! x


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