Snapshot Saturday – Edinburgh!

I’ve had the most incredible short break away to Edinburgh with my Grandad! Whiskey tasting, walking through the old tunnels and just enjoying the beautiful architecture & views in general. And to top it all off, I also went down to Richmond and got to see two of my best friends who I haven’t seen it what seems like forever, lucky me right! 




It’s been such an amazing holiday break & probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever  had. I feel refreshed after getting to spend some quality time with my Grandad who I unfortunately don’t see all that often anymore, as well as getting to catch up with my best friend who I went from sending everyday with, to now only seeing each other once in a blue moon.  As you can see by all my wacky faces I had a pretty awesome time!

It’s been worth every second of the wait and I cannot wait to see my friends again! Role on my next adventure.. once I gain my strength back, of course it couldn’t be perfect – welcome the throat infection!



Blog you later »



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