Snapshot Saturdays – Catch Up Edition.

Sorry it’s a day late – full of busy but here I am. I realise I haven’t done this in a short while so I thought I would get you guys all up to speed on what I have been doing over the past few weeks, hope you enjoy the photos even though they aren’t as many as I would have liked. 


Well I went to go see my family but all I seemed to find were cats and sleepy siblings.. bless them, it must be such a hard life living in your Pj’s surrounded by fluffy warm animals!

—  —

Food & health wise I wasn’t doing too bad, I was trying to stick to the diet as best I could however there were a few slip ups with a few ingredients, i.e. I’m dairy free but had sour cream on a potato & a cheese stuffed mushroom. All in all though, I’ve not been doing too badly! Quite proud of myself to be honest!

—  —

I also got to see my friends on a few occasions which is always a blessing and as you can imagine, on these occasions the diet went out the window both food and drinking wise! Totally worth it each time though & each time it was just the break I needed. Looking forward to getting to see them all again soon and being reunited with two in particular who I haven’t seen since they both moved away! 

—  —


Also got to dog sit this little beast again. Always a pleasure even though he takes over the whole bed resulting in me getting no sleep. I’m actually surprised I dint get many more photos of him! 

—  —

Work has been pretty hectic recently but it’s all about small achievements right? I mean that’s what gets me through the week when it’s a bit tough. My small achievements recently was that I finally got around to filing away my paper work & I helped my partner at his work recently and it went down a treat which is a rewarding feeling! Always nice to see other people enjoying themselves and that you have something to do with that happiness!

Also I found some pens in the house and it was such a blast from the past – anyone else remember being upgraded in school when your handwriting was neat enough from a pencil to one of these bad boys?

—  —

And of course that lead to a cheat – treat meal for us both. I tried my best to stick to my diet so though my options were both vegetarian it most definitely not Gluten or Dairy free… worth it? Hell yea! 

So there you have it, all caught up now. It’s been more eventful than I actually remembered but I did think I had more pictures than I actually do. Ah well, its been full of busy and interesting. Roll on the next few weeks as I have a lot of plans & I will definitely have a lot more pictures for you guys!


Blog you later »



2 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturdays – Catch Up Edition.

    • Thank you very much, yea it’s been a busy few weeks 🙂 Ahah I am also very jealous of the dog, wouldn’t it just be bliss to fall asleep whenever you like? 😛 x


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