March Schedule 2017

Where has February gone? Seems to have just flown by! Cannot believe we are almost three months into 2017, I swear these years are passing quicker! Anyway, with that said, come see what is in store for my blog this Month.

So last month my goals to achieve were:

  • Go Dairy Free and continue as Gluten Free.
  • Alcohol free for this remaining period.
  • Get back into fitness & healthy eating.
  • Start house hunting ready to rent in May.
  • Get back on top and ahead with blog scheduling!

I sort of stuck to it.. but to as fully as I would have liked. Gluten and Dairy free this month was a little but off due to eating out and there being almost no options due to the restaurants we had picked. I also had a catch up with one of my closest friends over the weekend and ended up having a few beers, but as for the rest of my goals I can happily say that I’ve achieved that as I have gotten back into the swing of things!

With that all being said, here is what is in store for my blog this month followed by some new goals, enjoy!


March 2017 goals:

  • Get a bit more organised for renting this year – wanting to move in late May/June.
  • Up my gym game – time to step out of my comfort zone and push a little harder.
  • 100% Alcohol free!
  • Pescetarian for the next three months, along side GF and DF.



Blog you later »


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