My Masters Degree – What’s changed?

Waking up to an Email from my Postgraduate University and this first thing I read is “This is a letter to inform you that your current unconditional offer has been cancelled and withdrawn..WHAT?! Can definitively say that woke me up!

So here I am, thinking I had everything organised for September – got an unconditional offer at the University of my choice and doing the dream course for all of a sudden to be told that they are withdrawing my Unconditional offer?  Fair to say I almost had a heart attack! I mean, why did they suddenly not want me on the course?


However upon reading the rest of the email I realized it wasn’t at all as bad as I initially expected. Basically the University had two courses that were very similar: MA Human Resources Management (which was the one I was doing) or MA International Human Resources Management. The University has actually cancelled both courses and merged them into one course, now called MSc Global Human Resources Management. So basically, they had to cancel my offer of the course because they weren’t offering it anymore.. great.

But instead of making me apply all over again they automatically sent me an unconditional offer for this new course and transferred my application over. I was given the option to accept or decline this Unconditional offer on the basis that I may not like the structure of this new course. So what initially started out as a complete panic was now not so bad, I mean all they had done was change the name of my course right? WRONG

Wrong but such a good kind of wrong! I had a look through the modules for this new course – Yea a lot of them were similar, just in a broader sense and the new modules looked fantastic. But that was not the best part of this new course. No the best part was its accreditation’s (which is probably boring and means nothing to some people) . 
Basically, because I was initially doing just the UK version of the course rather that the international one, it was only accredited by an UK HR organisation – the CIPD. Meaning that it would come up on my CV and be recognized (good for employment to put it short). However now that they have been merged, the new course is not only accredited by this UK HR organisation, but the top HR organisations world-wide:

  • The UK – CIPD
  • America  – SHRM
  • Global – AACSB
  • Global – EQUIS
  • Global – Association of MBA’s

Now that will all be boring and again seem like nothing to important, but this basically opens up so many different opportunities for me after graduating and my qualification will get me recognized worldwide.

So yes, my initial panic from the opening line of that email did almost cause me to have a heart attack, but after reading it properly and looking into this course I can 100% say that these changes have been for the better by a mile and that I am now extremely excited to begin this course! Yes, you heard me, I’m looking forward to Uni! But more importantly, I’m looking forward to graduating and being able to branch out further with job hunting!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post and hopefully share in my excitement. Here’s hoping that it all goes well, roll on September!


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5 thoughts on “My Masters Degree – What’s changed?

    • Ahah yea, that’s basically how I reacted after fully reading the email. Thank you very much, I’m really excited to get started in September! Just need to sort out paying for the course first.. that’s the ‘fun’ bit aha.

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