Be Yourself.

It sounds like quite a simple thing doesn’t it? ‘Be Yourself‘ I mean you are who you want to be, you are your choices and actions, so why would you want to be anyone but yourself?

Everyone is different, everyone experiences life differently and are all unique in the way they think. No two are the same. Yet for many, they spend their lives trying to be something their not, someone their not. Actually, at some point in all of our lives we’ve probably done the same.

Think about when you started school. You make a friend or two and think they’re the most awesome human being(s) you’ve ever seen. You’re both trying to impress each other but you don’t really know it. One says something they don’t like and, in response and still trying to impress them you say the same, even though it could be a complete lie. Like as kids when you had a friend over for dinner after school, they may not eat carrots for example and now, neither do you. All to just keep them as a friend

A bizarre example I know but something that I can imagine we all relate too. But why? Why has this false person stuck with so many people? Why do we still feel the need to impress people by acting like someone else? Why not be true to who you are? In case people don’t like it? Well so what! For everyone out there who doesn’t like who you are there is someone who does/will. I know this to be fact because I’ve been there, done that myself. Growing up I did not have a lot of friends and the ones I did have were because I acted more like a worthless admirer than an equal. Doing anything and everything for them and getting little/nothing in return. It was not really friendship. However, after a while of going on like this I finally gave it up. It was exhausting and not really working! All these so-called friends would drop you in the blink of an eye and there you were, alone again.

The moment I just acted myself I felt released. As if someone has opened the window in a smokey room and all the thick, choking smoke drifted away, leaving me to enjoy the clear, sweet air. Yes okay, I have met many people since then who do not get on with me because I am not their cup of tea, no problem as I have the same opinion about many others myself. But I have met a lot of people who take me as I am and appreciate that, as I do them. These are the important people, the ones who take you as you are truly and those who are also true to themselves. These are who you need to surround yourself with. 

Without people who are true to themselves, without unique people we would not live in the amazing world we live in now. We would not have all of the wonderful technology or experiences we are able to have now.

I suppose what I am trying to say is be true to yourself and not a copy of anyone else – you’re amazing.You don’t need to impress anyone or compare yourself to anyone or act like anyone else. You are fantastic because you are your own person with your own unique talents & traits and that is what people love about you. The only thing you have to do is be true to yourself and achieve your own goals, not ones other’s are setting or you. 


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