To Do List, Pre-Masters Degree.

With 2017 now here it’s time for me to actually start thinking about what’s to come this year and for me, the main thing is my Masters degree in September. But am I ready? Is everything that needs to be done before I start done or am I at least aware of what needs to be done? Hmm Probably not, but lets give it a go.

With regards to the Degree:

  • Get essential books from my courses reading list.
  • Register at the University (happens within the first week of the course)
  • Figure out how I am paying for my degree – student loan or out of my savings account? Hmm tough one. 
  • Get my timetable to prep my life around it (I get this 6 weeks before the course starts)
  • Invest into buying a laptop since I don’t actually own one.. oops

With regards to Work:

  • Discuss officially when I will be ‘leaving’ for University
  • Get a new contract written up for once I start my degree
  • Once receiving my Uni timetable arrange my available hours (AKA when I can work from the office and when I will have to work from home)

With regards to everything else:

  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Financial prep (AKA budgeting & saving money for travel, rent, living etc.)

And for now, that is all I can think of for my list. Quite a bit to do, some need to be looked into now where as some cannot even be done until the course starts. I suppose the first thing I need to look into is living arrangements. But I’ve got 9 months to get all this done and a lot can change in 9 months!Let’s just hope I keep onto of everything I don’t forget something important!?


Bog you later »


4 thoughts on “To Do List, Pre-Masters Degree.

  1. So exciting!! I’m currently studying for a masters degree right now (I’ll be done in July – soooo scared of being thrown into the real world after that). In what subject do you plan to get a degree? 🙂
    And about that computer… Laptops is a serious life saver. I wouldn’t survive Uni without mine for sure 🙀
    Good luck with everything! Really looking forward to follow this adventure 😀

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    • I know, I cannot wait! I am doing a Human Resources Management Masters degree. Was what I found I was best at when doing my undergraduate degree in business & now that I’ve taken a year out and I am working full time in HR I can definitely say that this is the career path for me!
      Aha 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do just fine once you graduate, what is your masters in? 😀
      And yes! So desperate for a laptop, I used to have one but it broke completely and I never got around to getting a new one, I’ve just been using my work laptop since then but it isn’t ideal.

      Thanks so much! I look forward to actually making some progress and getting stuff done this yea 🙂 it’s all happening!

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      • That sounds so exciting! (Super cool with an undergraduate degree in business by the way – awesome.)
        Aah, thank you! I hope it’ll all turn out fine (🙀). I’m doing a masters in History of science and ideas so I’m a historian basically but with a little bit more philosophy 🙂
        Hahaha nooo poor laptop, breaking them happens way too often 😦

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      • Thank you. Well it’s a dual degree in business and English literature because I couldn’t decide which I liked more 😂

        Wow that sounds amazing! I never got into history myself at school. It always appreciated it, definitely into philosophy though! You’ll be absolutely fine I can promise you 😸

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