2017 – Bring it on!

I cannot believe it’s 2017 already! Like seriously, did 2016 even happen? It seems to have been and gone so quickly that I am still trying to get over it now. Though 2016 was full of some of the most memorable times of my life:

  • Graduating University
  • Turning 21
  • Going to America
  • Getting my dream job

There was still a lot I had hoped to have achieved but did not. But that is all behind me now and all I can do is make 2017 a more rewarding year by setting some realistic goals! So, let me break it down for you:


Yea.. so I was meant to be blogging everyday which was going to be fantastic and though I didn’t do too badly in the first few months I just found it impossible due to working full-time as well as being ill or trying to be social. Also, due to me wanting to have a different subject area for each day of the week to make my blog a bit different I again found that super difficult. This meant that I was then jut quickly writing a blog and not really putting effort into what I wrote, which is definitely something I don’t want. 

This year?
Well I’ve reduced the number of posts I will be doing per week as well as the number of subjects I will be covering to make this more manageable and personal again. I have also planned on releasing a monthly blog line up so that you can all see what is going to be coming out when. I will release one today for January but after that, it will be released on the last Tuesday of each month for the following month. 

Health & Wellbeing.

Last year I had a serious deterioration with my conditions and it left me very weak and ill for about 3 months. The result of this made me lose a lot of weight. I’m a tall slim person as it is so going from 60kg to 44.5kg was not good at all, a loss of almost 16kg!  The first 4kg went on pretty quickly just with me feeling better and having an apatite but after that it took a while for me to even build up the strength just to start helping myself again. However now, I can happily say that after several ups and downs I am currently around 54kg!
As many of you will have seen I was on a healthy diet before hand, however as you can imagine that went out the window slightly over the holiday period and I can feel a difference in myself because of it. It’s time to get back on it however I am making some big changes.

This years plan?
Well first of all, I can honestly say that some times dairy & gluten products do make me feel really sick, heavy or just gross. Not to mention that I doesn’t go too well with some of my medication or my different conditions. But I am not going to make the mistake like I did at the beginning of last year and just BOOM – diet, no. I am going to work it in slowly. 

The plan is to go Gluten free for January and see how it goes, get used to it and not worry too much about any accidental slips in the diet. At the end of the month I will review and if I think I can handle it, it will stick. February, I will stay Gluten free but also go Dairy free. Again same rules and process as above with a review at the end of the month. Come March I will add Pescetarian (no meat, just fish) to the diet and do this until the end of May to give me time getting used to this. Hopefully with all going well I will start my Vegan diet in June until the end of the year, where by I am hoping it will stick permanently. Like I say I am not going to get upset if I ‘cheat’ on the diet whether it is on purpose or accident, it is something I want to do and not have to so I know I will be firm with myself. 

This obviously raises a few concerns with my health and getting the correct nutrition etc. but I’ve done my research and I know what to have in place of the food groups I am dropping so if I can incorporate all of the correct foods into my day  I should stay healthy.


With this new diet regime I need to actually do some exercise to keep my muscles working and actually keep me healthy! Luckily for me I started properly going to the gym in November and spoke to a personal trainer, we managed to get me a fitness plan together that is easy-going on my joints but allows me to put muscle weight on! WOW! So from now on, I will be going to the gym 4 times a week, each time completing my fitness plan cycle and every week I will increase the weights I use. That makes it sounds really impressive but it’s not like I’m going to be some sculpted Goddess by the end of it, no I will probably still be a string-bean sort of person but as long as it keeps my muscles active and not wasting way, that’s fine by me!

Along with this  just to help again with circulation and do an easy full body workout, as well as basically learning how to swim  – I’m no Ariel let me tell you!

Other bits and pieces.

Apart from getting back into blogging and giving myself a proper health click there only a few things I want to achieve this year and they are all either money, education based or just totally random:

  • Start my Master’s degree in September – Keep on top of work (I want a 1st)
  • Buy a car – so my poor partner can stop being my chauffeur
  • Rent a house – due to having a new goal for after my partner finishes University we are no longer looking to buy a house just yet, so a nice home to rent for the next few years would be ideal.
  • Start a journal – to monitor fitness, keep me motivated and to write down all my 2017 goals to check off as I go! 
  • Pay for my Masters degree – I really don’t want to add it to my Undergraduate degree debt so if I can, I’m going to pay it up front straight away! 

So there you have it, my plans for 2017. Here’s hoping that I can stick to them and that it will all breeze by nicely! I hope you all have a rewarding 2017 and you achieve all of your goals! Fancy sharing what they are? Drop a comment below

P.S. Look out for my next post which will give you my January Blog Schedule as well as my goals for January too!


Blog you later »


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