Food for Thought.

(I know it’s not Wednesday but Y.O.L.O!)

Over the past couple of weeks of not blogging I’ve not been feeling too great. I’ve come in from work, had tea and went to bed. But because I’m just eating rubbish it has been making me feel sick, tired and all around disgusting. So I knew it was time to get back on my health kick, not just to make my body and mind feel good again, but for what the diet what initially created for, to aid in my health conditions. Now especially due to the winter months. 

The diet itself has not been too bad. With me starting work early I have taken breakfast supplies there ready for when I arrive at 6.30am. I also have a snack drawer filled with rice cakes, raw fruit bars and a tub of fruit & nut, to make sure that if I am snacking, its only good stuff. As for lunch, I prep it the night before and bring it into work with me in the morning, so a lot of the time it will just be leftovers from yesterday’s dinner but that fine by me.

And to top all of this goodness off water. I’ve been forcing myself to drink so much recently because it something I never do. My bottle holds 700ml / 24oz of water and during my time at work (6.30am – 2.30pm) I make sure I drink 4 full bottles. Now I’m not a fan of water so I’ve been spicing it up with some bits and pieces and I can honestly say I enjoy drinking it now. Which is great because it was always an issue with me not taking enough fluids. 

But anyway, I feel great, I notice the differences and the whole things is really easy which makes me want to stick at it. I admit, I still haven’t joined the gym due to travel and the weather but I am a hell of a lot closer to getting there. On a final note, here is an example of my diet in a day and some pictures for you all.

– x4 700ml bottles with cucumber, lemon, mint leaves and ginger.

– Porridge oats with almond milk and a teaspoon of set honey
– Cut of green tea

Snack 1
– Piece of fruit

– Kale, rice, selection of roasted or fried vegetables 
– melon pot

Snack 2
– Raw Fruit bar
– Handful of dried fruit and nuts

– Tuna pasta bake and side salad
– Cup of green tea



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