Let’s be honest..

Okay so my ‘blogging everyday hasn’t been going well at all. I thought that I would have enough time each day to write a post but I just don’t, which is a shame. On a good week I find that I will sit down on a Tuesday after work and just write them all for the week, which is great.. but then the next week comes around and I am not prepared or something comes up and sets me back. I love the idea of posting daily but I’m currently finding it more of a chore than anything else which is something I greatly want to avoid as I love my blog/blogging so much. 

So here is what I am going to do, my scheduled days are going to stay the same with regards to what I write on which day, however I am not going to pressure myself into writing everyday but rather when it fits in. I don’t want to dull my love of blogging so I feel this is going to be the best scenario. This will go on until the January 2017 where by this time (hopefully) I will have everything sorted and can breathe a new lease of life into my blog!

Thank you for all your support and commitment to my blog during this blank period and I hope to be back at it properly as soon as possible. 


Blog you later »


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