World Vegan Day – 1st November!

What a way to end October with Halloween; you get to stuff your face with sweet treats, but what better way to start November than with World Vegan day? That’s a pretty good heath kick!

So yea, tomorrow is work vegan day and I’m all up for it! I’ve always like the thought I’ve going vegan myself, however due to me not being educated enough in it I was worried that I would be limited in what I could eat, more so now due to my health and dietary requirements. But it seems to be more of a ‘thing’ now and there are 1000’s of recipes online which are so interesting and easy to follow, as well as sounding totally delicious.

What I’ve decided to do is to go vegan for a week and review my experience in one of my Sunday blog post letting you know what I thought and if I would continue on this path etc. So, starting Monday 7th November until Sunday 13th November I will be following a vegan diet, jotting down my meals and on that Sunday I will let you know how it went!

If you’re vegan yourself, or have any comments/suggestions yourself then please drop a comment below! I’d love to learn more or get some advise! Also I deffo recommend giving it ago yourself, it may be a nice health kick-starter for you before the Christmas period!


Blog you later »


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