Realistic thoughts towards buying my first home.

I’m so eager to buy my own house and I’ve been saving up for so long with the thought of buying in Easter 2017, but after really looking into it I’m thinking that I’m not ready just yet

I mean, don’t get me wrong, my partner and I have got the savings to get ourselves a pretty decent first home and still have money in our savings to fall back on in cases of emergencies or a rainy day. But there are so many other things to consider for us at the moment that are going to end up knocking this back, potentially a couple of years. 

First of all, although I’m finished University and have a full-time job I am going back to do my master’s degree next September for  year and even though I am able to keep my job, I doubt I’ll be able to put in the same amount of hours.. which means less of an income, which means less money in the pot for paying bills etc. 

Secondly, my partner still has a few years of University left, including a placement year an depending on where he gets placement will affect everything. If it’s close by, great but if not that means either a lot of commuting for him or my running the home on my own, again affecting the financial side of things in both senses (paying for travel or one person supporting the house finances).

The next big thing is where. Which wasn’t an issue at first because we were looking somewhere that was in a near enough distance from both of our universities, but at the same time a nice location to stay in long-term and was near career opportunities. Which was surprisingly easy… but now with my job, this isn’t the case. My current employment is much more out-of-the-way which opens up the living/travelling vicinity by about 40 miles.. not ideal. This then raises questions on changing employments and Universities, or calculating travel finances.. again more money. 

It all seems to be coming back to money which is something we would not have a problem with or at least, I feel like we wouldn’t however, at this stage is it worth the risk? Is it worth jumping in straight away with this dream and hoping it all pans out perfectly? Or is it worth taking that extra couple of years for us both to finish University completely and be even more financially secure and make the decision then? Who knows. It’s something that is definitely going to be the centre of discussions for the next few months but who knows what the outcome will eventually be. 


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