Being aware this Halloween – health wise!

Halloween is a fantastic time of year: getting to dress up and play around with ghoulish makeup and of course stuff ourselves full of sugary treats, but with all this comes a lot of responsibility and things to be aware of. So to help you out a bit, here is my list of things you need to be aware of during Halloween.

The obvious one is food allergies. Whether you have them or you are going to be going young trick-or-treaters always take into consideration the fact that there are many people out there with allergies. My suggestion would be making your own treats to give out. Something that could be gluten-free, lactose free, nut free and vegan all at the same time! I know that sounds hard but the only hard part is finding  a recipe you like, once that bit’s done its smooth sailing! View these sites for some inspiration. click here or click here.

But moving past the food and onto your costume and makeup, here are several things you should take into consideration when getting all dressed up:

  • Contact lenses.
    It’s important to remember that contacts are a medical device and normal contacts are created specifically for the shape of the individual’s eye. Coloured contact lenses may make your eye-popping terrifying this Halloween but generic contacted lenses not fitted to your eyes can have terrible consequences…beware of the harmful side effects, risks including corneal ulcers, corneal abrasion, vision impairment – and even blindness.
  • Face/body paints.
    Again, this goes without saying but many of the chemicals in cheaper paints can damage your skin quite badly, as well as people having allergies to certain types of body paint etc. Make sure you do your research beforehand or again, go for the more expensive stuff or maybe paints used in theatre props.
  • Hair colouring and masks.
    Instead of using spray-on hair colour that could also contain synthetic chemicals, I would recommend using wigs and hats. Temporary hair colour can be difficult to wash out, leaving your hair dry and brittle as well as potentially causing chemical burns.
    As for masks and props, especially the ones that are made from rubber and vinyl, could contain lead paint. Even if this isn’t constantly in contact with skin, there is still a risk of absorption. It’s better to use makeup to create your haunting look or make your own mask with papier-mâché etc.
  • Prosthetic skin and accessories.
    Its better use a higher quality product which is less likely to cause skin irritation or inflammation. Look for theatre props instead of something you can find in the Halloween aisle. Because these accessories are often made of latex which can be very irritating and many people are actually allergic to latex – check first!
  • Fake blood.
    This again can be a troublesome area and can causes rashes, chemical burn or swelling on some people skin. Why not save yourself the hassle and make your own. Corn syrup, flour and red food colouring should do the trick for a safe, homemade, cheap alternative!
  • Glue/Adhesives.
    As obvious as this sounds make sure you use stage or theatre approved glue/adhesives and not your everyday school glue. Regular glue could damage your skin and result in rashes or burns.


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2 thoughts on “Being aware this Halloween – health wise!

  1. I always have a treat and non-treat option. I keep the two apart from one another as to not contaminate. Having 3 friends with kids that have food allergies- none of them will allow their kiddos to take food unless it is a brand they know is safe. Even homemade can be cross contaminated, unintentionally.

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    • Yea, as someone who doesn’t have kids I can imagine it is actually 10x harder than just making gluten free (e.g.) foods. I can imagine cross contamination is something that can happen accidentally more often then not

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