Working my way up.

It’s always nice to get that sense of achievement, to see all your hard work pay off and with my new job, I get to see that on a regular basis. In such a small period of time I have been given so many opportunities to progress on my career path that I am overwhelmed. I’m just so thankful for this job!

Live is good at the moment, and by good I mean excellent. I mean I finished my classes in May and within less than a week I got offered a 2 day trial period in my dream job department, which lead to getting a part-time contract, soon after that leading to full times hours. I mean, how lucky can I get? It’s so unbelievable, getting my dream job straight out of Uni, technically without a degree because I hadn’t graduated at this point! The best part of it all is that I am actually in a job that wants to see me progress and gives me so many opportunities to do that – it’s fantastic!

Looking back at the last 5 months of employment with the company I can see just how much my job role has progressed so far, the number of opportunities I have been given which have led to more responsibility within my role, increasing the difficulty of my job. And I love that. I love the fact that my work is challenging, always different or pressured by deadlines, it’s nice to work under those pressures and come out the other side thriving. Each challenge thrown at me so far has been a wonderful experience but nothing I haven’t been able to handle – which is a nice relief on my part to see that I can actually do it.

But the biggest opportunity recently has been my promotion. I say promotion – it wasn’t actually called that but the way the role is, I see it as a huge step. Basically whenever it comes to staff appraisals or observations only the managers can carry these out, the same with the 6 month probation review for new starters. This is where I come in. After having the director in the office last week he has decided that I am eligible to now take on this role myself, cutting some slack off the managers!

This means that I am now in control of doing all of the probation reviews and the only other person who isn’t a manager to part-take in appraisal and observation reviews! Now I know that doesn’t sound like a big thing but it is. It’s actually a hell of a lot of responsibility. It’s all about making sure you have all of the right information, making sure that with the probation staff you highlight any troublesome areas straight away and resolve them, allowing them to pursue their job in the future to the best of their ability. Which also gives me the responsibility of writing the report and if I find that they are not suited to the job, reviewing this with the 2 managers and terminating the staff member… wish me luck!

So yea, a lot of opportunities and challenges have been thrown my way. So many in such a short period that by time September 2017 comes around, all ready for me to start my Master’s degree in Human Resources Management I will probably know so much that the work will just breeze byhere’s to hoping anyway!


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6 thoughts on “Working my way up.

      • Yes, I was curious if you sought any kind of accommodations to help with your chronic illnesses, and if you had any tips on how to go about that negotiation, based on your experience. If we could talk in private about that, that would be helpful too. If you prefer that, how can I get in touch with you? Thank you Jodie!

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