Mighty News!

If you guys haven’t guessed already from the image above, I would happily like to announce that I am a contributor to The Mighty but not only that, my two articles I have sent them have been published! Excited is not even close to how I am feeling!

I cannot get over just how quick everything seemed to happen but I am so glad to now be able to say I am a contributor to this wonder organisation! As mentioned above, I have sent them two articles, both of which are just articles I have written here on my blog page and sent over to The Mighty. They have both been published and received positive feedback and acknowledgement, however the first article seemed to really hit it off with the viewers.


 My first article was published just over a week ago and has received so much positive feedback already, I was overwhelmed when I first seem the results, but again that was not everything! As well as sharing it on their website, they also shared it on their Facebook page which again got a drastic amount of positive responses and a lot of comments from other chronic illness sufferers sharing their own stories and understanding of this.  I honestly did not expect my articles to hit it off this well, let alone in such a small period of time. 


My second article again has had some fantastic feedback and I am just so thrilled with everything! I cannot thank my followers and those who read my blog/ articles enough. You have all truly made this experience one I will never forget. I plan to continue to blog regularly (though this last week I have failed to do so) and continue to share my work via The Mighty and The Chronic Illness Bloggers

Please check out both of those pages as there are some fantastic writers and stories their that you must read!

Blog you later »


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