#S.R.C – Young, Invisibly Ill and Stigmatized

Please view and like the original post and if you enjoy what they have to say, give them a follow! This post highlight’s the “The disbelief that surrounds a young person who is invisibly ill. I think many of us face that problem in society, so it would be nice if we could get more non-suffering ears to listen to how that attitude makes us feel”.



android_low_batteryI’ve used this before, but it is just so appropriate!

It’s been a rough week, with a crazy fibromyalgia flare that doesn’t want to leave, daily migraines and a weather pattern that is not helping my recovery in any way. For several days, if I was a cell phone, my battery was dead. It is only starting to pick up some charge now, but once that charge is depleted, I am out. I wish I could switch my body to Nokia – charge up to 100% quickly and retain charge for a longer time!

Everybody has been very kind to me during this period, which I  am very grateful for; but at the same time, I also felt quite starkly the disbelief that surrounds a young person when they get sick! People seem much more likely to believe that you are stiff and achy, have no energy, you feel like…

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