Can you guess what today is?

So I have picked three different awareness campaigns that are all happening today but can you guess from my clues what they are? A cupcake, eyes and a boat/ship? Do you think you have it? Well let me tell you! 

I thought I’d make things a bit more lighthearted this week with my awareness and pick more fun things for today, with one of them being more important however. 

The three days if you did not guess them from my clues is today is National Cupcake Week, National Eye Health Week and (my favourite for randomness) International talk like a Pirate day, ARRGH Matey! So to help you enjoy this wonderful day a bit more whether for yourself or to entertain the kids here is a bit of information on each of them!

National Cupcake Week


Well, this one is pretty self explanatory, its a week dedicated to making to most awesome kind of cake ever! Obviously it’s a day of sharing your knowledge of baking with others, picking up new skills along the way, but all in all, its a community event planned to get everyone together to make these delicious treats in a fun environment, to them have the pleasure of sickening yourself of them for a week! I mean, whats not to love? Its cake and icing!! 

National Eye Health Week


This week is also important for your health to, so while you sit there filling up on your sweet cupcakes make sure you think about your eye health! Charities and organisations all over the UK are promoting more than usual this week just how important our eyes are. It is essential that you get them checked on a regular bases and if you feel any slight changes in your sight them please, get it looked into. It may be something as simple as your struggling to focus your eyes and concentrate every now and again but with a simple eye test to get fitted for contacts or glasses could save your life. I mean, imagine if you lost concentration while driving, or the opposite of that –  while crossing the road? Our eyes are important so treat them with care and get them checked out!

Plus if you cannot see, how are you meant to read my wonderful blog aha. 

International talk like a Pirate day


Now, the best until last of course, Talk like a pirate day. This was created by two gentlemen, John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap’n Slappy), who thought that it would be a good idea to make this wonderful idea a reality and better yet, a parodic holiday! So without further ado – 

Ahoy buckos. heartly enjoy celebratin’ ’tis wonderful day, stay true to ye inner scurvy pirate ‘n have a ruckas! Now back to set the sails ye scurvy dog!



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