S.R.C #5

Come and join in with the sharing and caring! Come read my blogs, guest bloggers work and those who’s posts I’ve re-blogged. Come connect, share your work and get it re-blogged to help expand your audience. If you are wanting to know more about how this all started then please, click here.

Throughout my time blogging on WordPress I have made an amazing group of friends and connections who have helped me through all of the ups and downs of blogging. Without them, I don’t know if my blog would still exist. So I wanted to give something back. 
What better way to do that then to help other bloggers expand their audience and gain more connections?! Plus I get to read other amazing blogs and expand my connections too. It’s a win win. 

First things first, rules:

  • NO racist posts
  • NO pornographic/nude content
  • NO bias/misleading/propaganda/campaign posts 
  • ALL opinions are welcome as long as they follow the above rules.

To take part, all you have to do is:

  • Comment your blog link below with your most recent/most popular/favorite post.
  • Message me on my email, which can be found here with the same information as above.

From here, I will publish your work on either a Tuesday or a Thursday and link to your page. But wait, there is more! Yes, you can also go over to the fabulous Roberts Pimentel’s page where I got this idea from and share your work there too on her Be My Guest post, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Blog you later »


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