Dietary help from an unexpected Ally.

Let’s face it, dieting isn’t fun or easy, especially when it comes to finding a variety of different recipes which are both good for you and taste fantastic! It becomes boring, eating the same 6 meals you’ve found over and over again, leading you to get bored with the dishes and resulting in you either giving up all together or going on the tracks for a while. For me, this was one of my biggest worries with the diet I go provided with from my GP. But, a wonderful helper has come along which has been getting me through it all!

Like I say, I was really hoping not to go off the rails with my diet, especially since it was going to benefit my health, arthritis and anaemia. It was essential I stick to it not for just short-term, but for life. This meant drastic change and to be stick to at least 75% of the diet at all times. It is all worth it of course but who wants to be stuck eating boring meals for the rest of their lives? Or having to cook for ages just to achieve a decent meal. Well this is where my unexpected friend came in


Say hello to Lean in 15. Now this is a book many people are aware of. It’s a weight loss book, helping people change their diet and do a small amount of exercise to help drop the pounds and increase their muscle percentage to sculpt their bodies. For me, this is not the case. 

Basically his recipes are split into 2 main sections: Low carb meals and post workout meals (aka higher carb meals). Now it’s the low carb section that works best for me. The recipes in this section seem to fit in perfectly with my dietary requirements which is fab because they are quick to prepare meals and taste amazing! You may have seen me post several food pictures up recently and a few of the recipes I got from his book. The best thing is, he uses these recipes with a combination to reduce fat an increase muscle but for me, I use his recipes to gain weight. And it works!

I was worried at first it would make me lose weight but already I can see a change in my body and its good! My energy levels are increasing slightly (though my medication isn’t helping at the moment), I look more refreshed and feel it too, plus this is probably the most food I have eaten in a long time which is fantastic because my body is now getting used to it. Admittedly I am still missing breakfast most days, but I take a smoothie and fruit pot to work along with my lunch so it kind of counts. But I am happy to say my diet is going well and it is partially down to this fantastic book!

I definitely recommend it to everyone, whether you’re dieting, in the same situation as me or not. These meals are so delicious, so easy to make and cheap too! It’s a great way to cut down on meal costs and time spent cooking as well as giving you an all around energy boost and revived feeling within your body

So there you have it, a new ally which is helping me get through this change. 


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