Back to school, college, university..

Thar’s it, the Summer Holiday is over and its back into the Academic world again for the majority of people, whether it is lower school, college or University. Many are excited to go back and be in a higher year, others are stressing out due to results or upcoming tests! It’s a weird feeling sitting here knowing that I am not one of those people, for the first time in like 17 years

Yup, not that my degree is finished and I am working full-time I haven’t really noticed the Summer Holiday’s or anything like that, I just look forward to the weekends when I am off work (Or at least I’m off some of the time). It’s odd to think that while growing up and going through education all I dreamed about was finishing school and getting a job. I mean I love my job but after almost my entire life going through education I actually miss it..

That’s right I miss education!

Not so much the learning part but the lifestyle. I don’t know, maybe the routine and obviously the people I met, friends I made. It just all seemed to be great. Obviously when going through it you hate it but looking back it seems a lot of my best and worse memories are from school which I am grateful for. Without education and all of these good/bad things happening to me I would definitely be a different person today.

I am super glad I took a year out before completing my year-long Masters Degree, it’s already helped me prep and comfortably slide into the adult/working world nicely. Though I am not in education anymore, I am learning more than ever before and putting my academic knowledge to good use (Thank goodness. Imagine paying all those Uni fees for nothing! HA). 

Anyway I would like to wish good luck to my family members in either going into the final or second year of University, moving into halls and starting University, doing their GCSE’s and even for my youngest sister, moving up into the Middle School! I hope you all have the best time for these are the years that will make a difference!



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