03/09 – Snapshots

Last week I missed out a week of photos, meaning that this week is two weeks worth in one! Woow.. apart from the fact I don’t really do much apart from work aha so be prepared for more food photos and other shenanigans. Enjoy. 


A busy week of Travelling to Huddersfield to see one of my Best Friends, who is also a guest blogger on my page –  Linus! From here we both went down to London to see our friends who live/study there. Had a fab time drinking, eating, catching up and walking around Camden market and finding some wacky stuff! Come on –  who doesn’t want one of these baby vests for their child?! I mean, I’d have to acquire a child first but still..





Once I got back home after a 2 hour delay within my bus.. resulting in it taking me over 10 hours to get home that was not the end of my travelling.. ohh no! Only a few days later resulted in another 2 hour drive to see my other Bestie’s for her 22nd Birthday! Had a wonderful meal and what’s even better is I got some off her fantastic Chocolate Orange Coffee cake, yumyumyumyumyum! 

And finally, some more of my healthy, pre-prep lunches and lovely evening meals. Really enjoyed the food this week and the exercise is starting to become more of a routine now, but more about that next week!


Blog you later »


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