Hummingbird Food, Blogger of the week.

Happy 1st September everyone! What better way to start off the month than with a blogger of the week who posts fantastic food photos and recipes? Come take a look at what Hummingbird Food has to offer!

Angela has been vegetarian for over 23 years, the past few year being strictly vegan. She posts her wonderful meal photo’s online and allows her followers to contact her for the wonderful recipes. Now I know that some people here are probably thinking “A vegan diet is so limiting, do you get all of the nutrition your body needs?” The answer is it’s not limiting and hell yea

There are so many other forms of protein and carbs than just pasta and meat, with the recipes that Angela provides she makes vegan look very glam! I’ve tried to mimic a few of her dishes myself and was even still pleasantly surprised and how delicious they were, even when I knew they would be! 

I would definitely recommend you guys checking out her page and drooling at her wonderful dishes, you foodies are going to love it!

Click here to view Hummingbird Food and enjoy



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