Gentle Exercise.

Here is a little insight into some of the gentle exercises and sports I’ve been doing to combat my Rheumatoid Arthritis and other musculoskeletal diseases, let me know if you have any other suggestions. 

As mentioned in the past few posts, I have recently taken up several different extra activities along side taking my medication and attending Physiotherapy to just help manage my pain and stiffness from Arthritis, as well as slow down the development of my illness.  Note that in the future I will post pictures of my personal development with these exercises (before and after), however I am not yet comfortable enough to post them on public domains. So without further ado here are some of the exercises I have been doing:

These are lovely and easy on my body as the water takes away the weight of my body and supports me, allowing me to strengthen my leg and core muscles without much strain.

  • Swimming – Breast Stroke
  • Swimming – Treading Water


A combination of light cycling and the other activities  helps strengthen my core, hips and thighs as well as giving me the opportunity to either work with just my body weight or adding additional small weights from the gym in, to further challenge and strengthen myself. 

  • Gym – Cycling 
  • Gym – Hip raises

Picture reference.

  • Gym – Reverse Crunch
  • Gym – Russian Twists
  • Gym – Chair Squats

This like above, helps to strengthen my core muscles and relaxes my whole body. The yoga poses are developed so that you can make them as easy or as hard as you want, increases flexibility and gently stretches your muscles out. I find it very soothing and found that it has already started to improve my flexibility.. one day I may be able to get close to touching my toes! Aha. (All yoga images sourced here)

  • Yoga – Sunbird


  • Yoga – Child


  • Yoga – Triangle 


  • Yoga – Half Moon Stand


  • Yoga – Downward Dog



If you know of any other lightweight exercises that are beneficial and may help me out, please let me know! It would truly mean a lot to me. 


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