Is it a good thing to be settled at work?

This is something that I think is extremely important for everyone in any type of job, something worth thinking about and looking into. Is it good to feel comfortable in your job role, or does that mean you’ve stopped trying to improve?

I’ve been in my job for 3 month’s now and with it still being early my role I have been having all sorts of work and opportunities thrown my way. I’ve went from starting as an Administrative Assistant, to now running the HR aspects of the company such as their training courses both internally and externally in the business, advertising, helping interview, recruiting and training staff, etc. I am recently also the single administrator for the companies social media platforms and now I have been tasked with redesigning the company’s website. So many opportunities in such a short period of time, and they’re just the ones that first spring to mind!

But then I think, soon this will all calm down and my job will become easier with practice and commitment. This sounds great! I can stick here for a little bit at get to terms with everything! But wait? will this mean I get stuck in a rut? Doing the same thing day in day out with no challenges? Do I want that.. I don’t think soddddd
I am very much a believe in the fact that we never stop learning, or more importantly we should never stop learning or improving ourselves. Any experience is a valid one, whether it helps us progress in life, teaches us something new like a new skill or plain and simply teaches us a lesson, all are important in moving forward in life. 

I look at some people and the way work can be portrayed in movies etc. and they make it out to look like work is just, well work. An unappreciated daily task like breathing or eating.  I know for a fact I never want to get there, I want to be the best I can be and more. I would love to work my way up the ranks in the HR industry but what is to say I will solely follow that upward climb? Why not follow a few of my aspirations in life? I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of being loyal to one business and working my way from the bottom to the top but sometimes the best opportunities are going to be elsewhere. I know for a fact that with some of my aspirations on my bucket list are going to take me places far away from where I am currently.

So I suppose the answer to my question at the start is yes and no. Yes, settle down in your job and make sure you enjoy what you do while feeling comfortable in what you do, but also no. We should always push to better ourselves and chase every little dream we have, no matter how small or how silly. For this moment, we only get one shot at life so why not make it count and learn from it and fill it with as many interesting things as possible?


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