13/08 – My Week in Pictures

Unfortunately, this is a bit of a boring week for photos. Not a lot has been going on in all honesty but I know next week will be jam-packed with content! So please, bear with this empty week and get a bit more excited for next time AHA. 


Me cooking = cheese on toast. Sam’s cooking = Beef Wellington with a horrible addition of pastry to the top. (Boys!)


Also, my new diet lunch prep all ready for the following day at work, just needed to make my smoothie, grab a bottle off water and a packet of nuts for my snack.

Ft. Chicken on tomato flavored whole grain rice, salad with tomatoes, carrots and an orange & melon fruit box for after.


Finally, we celebrated my partner’s Great Grandma’s 88th Birthday which was lovely! Had a nice little indoor picnic, got some wonderful family photo’s which I will pop up next week. Was an all around lovely day. 


To end the week, I got a visit from my sister who brought her two new kittens along to say hello.. they’re pretty cut to be honest


Meet Belle (female on the left) and Beau (male on the right)!

Anyway, sorry this week was pretty boring! Next week will be more interesting and will probably include a lot of pictures of food now that my diet officially starts on Monday! 


Blog you later »


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