The woman with the 100 year old Kidney.

Medical advances happen on a daily basis, people are living longer and we are getting ever closer to finding cures for all sorts of conditions. But how, at 68 years old has Sue Westhead got a 100-year-old Kidney?! Well, let me tell you.

At the age of 25 back in 1973, Sue was sadly diagnosed with Kidney disease and with a transplant being her only option to survive, her Mother Ann Metcalfe, who was 57 at the time, donated her Kidney  to save her daughter’s life. 

Sadly, in 1985, ages 69 Ann sadly passed away following a road accident. But it is not all doom and gloom as her daughter is one of these miracle cases that we so often hear about! When it comes to transplants, doctors estimate that a living organ transplant will last around 20 years before the individual will need it replaces. However, Sue has had her Mother’s Kidney for 43 years now, making it 100 years old! 

Well 101 in November to be precise


The magic behind her Kidneys long life? Sue believes it’s her mothers “Good genes, she must have come from good stock. My mum literally gave me life because I wouldn’t have lived much longer“.
Well that plus the 20 tablets a day which takes her 2 hours every 3 weeks to arrange. But it’s all worth it I suppose to keep that Kidney and herself health.

If you would like to read this wonderful story for yourself then please click here. It is a truly moving article and I am stupidly happy for this marvelous woman and her late mother, whose Kidney lives on.

My only questions is, do you recon the Queen has to write a birthday letter to this 100-year-old Kidney since it is that of Ann Metcalfe? Who knows.


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