Day 3 – 3 quotes, 3 days

This is my final day on my challenge so come see my three quotes for today, rules and my last set of nominees.  I saved my personal favorite quotes until last.

  •  Conquer the Liar with Truth

It is the last line from a Buddhist quotes that is written in the Dhammapada Sutta (Chapter 17 – Anger, Verse 223). The version I use is Narada’s 1959 translation which is:

Conquer anger by love.
Conquer evil by good.
Conquer the mean by generosity.
Conquer the liar by truth.

The quote was really special to me in a difficult part of my life and I loved this line of the quote so much, I got it tattooed onto my ribs.

  • Oṃ Amideva Hrīḥ. 

    Okay, this isn’t really a quote but a mantra, again Buddhist. A one which, like above, really spoke to me and helps me through life. This sacred mantra is used to help protect you from dangers, obstacles and to allow you to overcome all hindrances to your success in life.  

    Though it is ment for more religious purposes, I find that just looking at the text or thinking about the mantra really does make a difference. It reminds me of where I am today and all of the things  I had to overcome just to get here, plus all of the things I have yet to overcome to get to where I want to be. 




  • Everything happens for a reason, even if we are not sure of what that reason is at first, time will soon tell us. 

That one is pretty self explanatory, but a pretty amazing message which I live by also. 



So once you’re nominated you have to post three quotes a day, for the next three days AND nominate people each day to take the challenge. I have chosen to stick with the three theme and am nominating three different bloggers a day.




My Ehlers-Danlos Journey


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