Day 2 – 3 quotes, 3 days

This is day 2 in my three-day challenge so come see my three quotes for today, rules and nominees.

Again, these three quotes are pretty self-explanatory so I am not going to give each of them a description.

This one in particular I quite like, it reminds me to keep pushing forward. At times in life we all get to a point where we look forward and see that we have so far to go to get to our goals and we think about giving up. At that point, I look back to see how far I have come and to remind me of what I have left behind in order to achieve this goal. No one is born into their goals, they have to work for them. And you know what, it’s worth every painful moment. 


So once you’re nominated you have to post three quotes a day, for the next three days AND nominate people each day to take the challenge. I have chosen to stick with the three theme and am nominating three different bloggers a day.


Gain through the Pain

Beautifully Bipolar

Roberta Pimentel


Blog you later »


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