06/08 – Snapshot Week

Finally got a weekend off this week, meaning I was able to get out and about a bit more and see my friends.. but of course, I was too busy catching up I didn’t manage to get a lot of pictures.Oh well, come take a look at my pictures for this week. 

I was working from home this weekend which was nice, I got to stay in my onesie & watch TV! I even made a little friend, say hello to the Neighbors cat! He ran away before I could sneak him into the house.. Damn. I’ll get him next time. (Please note I am not a cat thief..yet)

On one of the nicer days my Partner spent the day working on his baby, the car, installing an induction pack (I don’t even know what it is) and finally got his exhaust replaced so thee car sounds fantastic now. 13901692_534076470129575_261493027_o

After his day playing with thee car he picked me up from work and I accompanied him to his Platelet donation. Rather than explaining what it is to you, click here to find out about Platelet blood donating. 



The rest of the week was pretty boring up until the weekend, it was all work, work, work and coffee, coffee, coffee. The only difference was the change of coffee shop! How exciting is my life aha. 


Finally the WEEEKEND! So I decided I would heads back over to Sunderland to see some of my Uni friends who were still there. I even got to see the University again on my way to their home. Was a bizarre feeling walking past the library rather than into it. Ahh so many memories of doing all-nighters in the library, good times which I am glad are over but will miss strangely


Finally reunited! What a wild night, full of Grey’s Anatomy, pajama parties, baking brownies and ordering pizza. Oh, and wine, don’t forget the wine!


There was even enough left over for my breakfast, yum! 


There you have it, my lazy weekend where I caught up with my friends. It was fantastic and I am looking to my next weekend off where I will hopefully be a bit more productive! 



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