How time flies – 1 year ago today.

I cannot believe that it’s been a year since my partner and I took part in Macmillan’s wonderful Brave the Shave event and I donated my hair to The Little Princes Trust.  It seems like only last month I was stroking my head backwards to feel the bristles on my hand and now, my hair is almost back to its original length.

So, if you want to read my story behind why I shaved my head and the before and after photos then please, click here and click here.

Macmillan Cancer Research created this event, which happens every year in order to help raise both money and awareness of Cancer, helping bring people together and bring us a step closer to curing this awful disease. So my partner and I hopped on the band wagon and let our small efforts help with their priceless work. It is a great cause in itself to take part in, but is something that is very close to both mine and my partner’s hearts as we have both known loss from this illness. But it’s not all sad because we managed to raise £517 for Macmillan Cancer research and I donated 8 inches of hair to The Little Princess trust. That in itself is a great feeling, knowing that our small amount of money may have help make a difference and that my hair has went into a wig for children suffering from cancer or alopecia. 

To anyone who is thinking about doing this I would definitely recommend it! I mean it’s for a great cause and it’s only hair at the end of the day! It doesn’t take long to grow back either and knowing that you can change a life is such a rewarding feeling. For more info, click here

So to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of braving the shave, here is my hair growth picture story. 



As you can see, it was a fair length down past my shoulders as well as being natural in its color, thick and undamaged. 



13823605_605250142989381_1206474410_n (1)

As you can see, I did not get it completely off and the pictures do not do it justice. The back and sides were shaved with an electric razor as short as they could (I was going to get it wet shaved to go fully bald but I decided not to in the end). On the top for my head, I left a short military cut hairstyle, no longer than 2 inches. 

November – February.



As you can see here, Sam’s hair grew back in like 2 weeks and mine seemed to grow in on the top but nowhere else. For the first 6 months, I looked like a 13-year-old Justine Bieber.



Now, my hair is almost resting on my shoulders, though because my curly hair is coming back it looks a lot short than it actually is.  I can tie and clip it up now without it being a complete disaster, which is great being it was always getting in my face! 

It’s been a great experience and I constantly get ask “I bet you’re glad it’s grown back, are you going to grow it out now?” 
My answer? OF COURSE, because I’d love to do it again!



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