30/07 – Snapshot Week

Come take a look and my adventures this week and see what I have seen. I haven’t been too far from home, but there is so much to see where I live it can never get boring! 










So we started having a good week of home cooked food, but that didn’t last long and a Pizza Hut was our cheat meal which led to a lot more naughty meals!





But we’ve done plenty of walking which kind of makes up for it! This week we went up onto the Military road to a tourist pub so my partner could play quoits. We got some fantastic views & company so it was a lovely day. 



Another day we seen some Sheep being transferred while at a gas station, the noise they made was overwhelming. 


Other outgoing include going to out local town for work and a bit of shopping. I however was admiring the old architecture and Abbey. I have to say, I do prefer country life and just all of the old stone work. Definitely makes me appreciate moving into an area like this and away from City living.




And my final adventure was me baby sitting for my youngest sister’s at my Mom’s house, admiring the view from her garden down onto the river and of course, saying goodnight to my sister’s Chickens!

So not all that exciting, but where I live you don’t need to go far for some fantastic view, scenery or atmosphere. I have a great time staying right where I am and I wouldn’t change it for the world.13866548_604188659762196_2099420866_n

One last thing I did achieve this week however was a milestone. A WordPress milestone for the 1 year anniversary for me starting this blog! It was such a nice reminder and it would not be possible without all of the support I get from you guys, so thank you! It really means a lot to me.


Blog you later »


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