Lineaurea, Blogger of the Week.

There are so many fantastic bloggers out there and when Thursday comes around I always struggle to narrow down my decision, but I have managed and I am extraordinarily happy with my final result. So without further ado, this weeks Blogger of the Week is Linnéa, author of Lineaurea. 

Linnéa is a student currently working on her Masters program of History of Science & Ideas in Sweden. This born and bred Swedish blogger has a wonderful aurora about her that she presents through her blog posts, making you want to connect with her and get to know her even more. 

Here blog is the easy to read, relaxing kind that incorporates wonderful images that Linnéa has been taking while out and about in daily life. It’s colorful, vibrant, interesting and all around fantastic to read.
On Sunday’s she posts book reviews on different literature she has been reading throughout the week, both academically and leisurely, giving you her personal feeling on how she found each of the reads. But that’s not all, she blogs about several other things too! Using her undeniably amazing photography skills, she blogs about nature, animals, food & drinks and what she has been making with her partner, her current studies & self-improvement, life and just joyful things in general.

Her blog is a breath of fresh air and I always look forward to seeing what she posts, whether it is pictures of her days out in Sweden, or how her avocado growing is going, or the wonderful food she has been eating/making lately. It’s all fantastic to me and I definitely recommend her blog to everyone!

Please, click here to view her page and give her a follow! You wont be disappointed. Thank you for reading and enjoy your Thursday because it’s almost the weekend!


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