A new spring in my step.

There is nothing better than getting new-found motivation, a boost in confidence and an all around spring in your step after you’ve been feeling a bit low for a short while, and that’s exactly what I’ve got. After weeks of being slightly fed-up with things, I’ve been revived and I’m thankful for it, so what better way to celebrate than to share what’s pulled me through!

Well at first, what was keeping me going was snacks… lots and lots of snacks.


But you eventually hit that stage were even chocolate cannot fix everything (yes, that’s right, I said it!) but that was fine by me because I was motivated by so many other things around me.

Number 1Paralympics advert. Now I know I have discussed this in another post (click here if you wish to read it) but it was a huge thing for me. The song was so catchy and had a feel-good sensation about it which was fantastic. But the Story behind it and the people they presented, as well as the general motto just re-lit the fire inside of me. It gave me my mojo back! 

Number 2Pokemon Go! I know that sounds odd, like bizarrely odd but hear me out. After the ‘get up and go’ feeling I got from the advert I was wanting to go out and just enjoy the outdoors. I mean I work every weekday half day, meaning I had all of the late afternoons and evening to do something, plus a Saturday free, before working full-time on a Sunday. But what to do in this time? I admit, it tended to be nothing at all. But then Pokemon Go came about and my partner and I got hooked! So now after work everyday we go for a walk, whether it be a short 30 minutes or a couple of hours it gets me out and about in the fresh air, having fun and obviously keeping me moving which is vital for my condition. 

Number 3My community. In a small village like where I live, everyone knows everyone and everything about them. So of course when they see me struggling down the street or coming out of the doctors you get asked questions. Of course yo get all of the “Aww you’re too young for all of that, what a shame” sort of comments, but now it’s different.
Now I am getting several members of the community taking a serious interest in my well-being. For example, I have one gentleman who watching documentaries and news channels come up to me stating that he seen some new development & treatments for arthritis and provided me with all of the information, as well as a good luck speech stating that “I can make it through Anything”. Another Lady, who is older and suffers from arthritis herself telling me her tricks & tips for herbal remedies and how she deals with flair ups. It’s fantastic to know that people are actually taking the time to help me out and ask how my progression is going. It’s heartwarming.


Number 4My Workforce. Everyone in my new job are so understanding and helpful. I have been there for 2 months now and could not feel more at home with these people, I feel like I’ve known them forever. They are the most supportive bunch of people and I am truly grateful to be working in such a caring, considerate and loving company. I could not wish for anything more.


All of this put together has given me a wonderful ‘get up and go’ rush and I am looking forward to the future now, everything is in place, the path is clear and I am ready to run down it at full speed. With all of my support around me, I know I am going to come out the other end just fine.

Hope you enjoyed my post, let me know what keeps you going or who/what inspires you when you’re feeling a bit low.


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