All Things Chronic, Blogger of the Week

Here we go, another fantastic week and another fantastic blog and blogger to go with it! Please, check out the wonderful All Things Chronic blog and read some of her content, or check out her fantastic images!

Now, I believe this blog has been up and running since late 2014 and by goodness it is filled with hundreds of posts. But this fantastic blogger does not stick to one subject, no no, she has almost 50 different categories for you to pick from! Yes, that’s right, 50. These range cover such a vast range from PTSD, Chronic Pain and suicide to music therapy, drug war, the brain and chocolate. What’s not to love?04dsc08457-5

She posts several times a week and due to her wide range in topic coverage, it’s always a lovely surprise to see just what All Things Chronic will be showcasing. But my favorite by far would have to be the Art and Awe category. Here, readers are presented with wonderful photographs in which the blogger has taken, sometimes only the images are present, other times we get a walk through of what they mean or a general update on what she is going or where she has been. 

It’s educations, interesting, quirky and filled with awe. So whether you are wanting to learn something new or marvel at the fantastic images, go check it out! I promise it’s worth it! Click here to visit.


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3 thoughts on “All Things Chronic, Blogger of the Week

  1. Thanks so much for this award, which I accept on behalf of all chronic pain survivors who struggle to find positive things to blog about. And are bravely conquering those subjects that are usually taboo.

    It puts a smile on my face to know that you enjoy my blog. Gracias, amiga. 🙂

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    • You’re more than welcome you deserve it! Your blog in amazing and you should be proud of it 🙂 and yes I totally agree with you. That’s why I made this ‘award’, to say thank you to these bloggers and to raise awareness of their awesome content and stories!

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